Want to earn commission?

We’re the first drone training school in Australia to offer commission on all of our courses.

We offer a generous 5% commission (that’s almost $150 on our popular UAV Controllers Course) – all you have to do is use your custom generated link and we’ll take care of the rest.

How does it work?

Sign up to our affiliate scheme below and you’ll get personalised links to our courses. Write a review, put an advert up on your site, or mention us on Facebook using this link. Once someone clicks on your link, a tracking cookie is set up in their browser that lasts for 30 days. That means if they go ahead and book a course in the next 30 days, we mark that as your sale, and you generate 5% commission. Our commissions aren’t capped, so if you refer us 100 students a month, you’ll could earn just under $15,000 a month – just for sharing our course with your customers and followers!

Ready to become an affiliate?

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When do I get paid?

Sometimes students cancel, or payments aren’t authorised. We therefore pay all of our affiliates 30 days after the students have completed their course, allowing time for any adjustments.

How will I be paid?

We prefer to avoid fees and pay you by EFT, but if you’d prefer (or are not in Australia), we can pay you by PayPal (the PayPal fees will be deducted).

How do I promote your course?

We have it all set up! Once you join our affiliate scheme you’ll find all the banners and information you need to get the word out to your customers.

What if there are multiple affiliates?

Should a customer click on your link, and the link of another affiliate, our cookies are set to track the last click.  So the last person to refer a sale gets the commission.

Any more questions?

Give us a call  – we’d love to help!