Aircraft Radio Operator Certificate (AROC)

Aircraft Radio Operator Certificate (AROC) CourseMost UAV training schools aren’t able to offer an onsite AROC course. At SkyMedia Training our unique Aircraft Radio Operator Certificate (AROC) CourseAirport location means we do!

The Aircraft Radio Operator’s Certificate (AROC) is a must have certificate required by CASA for any Remote Pilot or UAV controller. AROC is part of the requirements to operate a UAV drone within 3nm of on airport. You can enrol to acquire an Aircraft Radio Operator Certificate as a stand alone course or complete it along with your RPAS training.

This course is designed to enable the students to be able to carry out effective communication from ground to air and also on board aircraft to ground by teaching the students how to operate the radio and other important aviation equipment properly. This course will equip the student with aviation radiotelephone knowledge that is required.

If applying for AROC, you are required to obtain an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) from CASA. We recommend obtaining the ARN before undertaking the course to fast track the AROC licence. From September 2014 CASA also requires the student to present evidence of a successful English Language Proficiency Test alongside his or her application. You can contact us to find out more.