Frequently Asked Questions

With so many companies available in Australia, why should I choose SkyMedia Training?

SkyMedia Training allows only highly experienced and qualified pilots to work for them, after succeeding in a rigorous training program that enables us to select only the best among qualified pilots.

Choosing SkyMedia Training will, ensure you are choosing to train with some of the most experienced staff in the industry and get a jump start into the commercial drone industry.

What is the role and meaning of CASA?

CASA stands for Civil Aviation Safety Authority and is Australian’s air safety regulator. CASA reports to the Australian’s Minister for Transport and Regional service and is equally accountable to the Australian Parliament. CASA’s main function is to maintain and improve aviation safety. CASA carry out surveillance activities to ensure companies and individuals are operating within the rules to meet the required safety standards.

CASA prioritise safety, as a policy that has been endorsed by the government and is implemented under the regulations and other requirements that have been subjected to Federal Parliament Scrutiny. CASA most recognised role is the concern for everyone in the aviation industry to abide by the rules and regulations.

What does SkyMedia do?

SkyMedia is a CASA licensed UAV RPAS training school and UAV operator that help individuals acquires licenses such as UAV Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), Type Training, UAV operator certificates (ReOC) and Recreational Training.

What are the practical assessments involved to get a UAV Operator License (ReOC)?

Under 7kg licence. We can preform these assessments in house now. This assessment tests the knowledge of the chief pilot on the operational procedures.

Under 25kg licences. The practical assessment is conducted by CASA in any part of Australia that best suits the operator. The CASA inspectors will interview the chief controller and maintenance officer to determine their familiarity with the rules and regulations. The chief pilot will be required to complete a practical flying test with the sole purpose of observing how competently the chief pilot is at controlling the UAV.

What is a UAV?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) also referred to as a drone, is an aircraft with no pilot on board. These aircraft can be controlled remotely by a pilot at a ground control station, while they are some that can fly independently based on pre-programmed autonomous flight plans.

Although UAV’s were initially created for military use. Their use in commercial, recreational, scientific and other areas such as aerial photography and agriculture has seen civilian drones outnumbering military drones in recent times with an estimate of over a million civilian drones sold by 2015. With this there has been a rise in the demand for remote pilots.