UAV Remote Pilot Licence

Want to be able to fly a Remotely Pilot Aircraft or drones commercially in Australia? You’ll need to obtain a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) from CASA (The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority). As a CASA approved RPAS / UAV Drone Training provider, SkyMedia Training should be your number one choice to train and guide you towards the achievement of your UAV Controller Certificate.

There is too ways of obtaining a UAV Remote Pilot Licence (RePL):

  • The easiest way today is to attended a 5 day CASA accredited RPAS training school like SkyMedia Training. This courses covers both practical and theory.
  • For those who hold a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or better qualification you can sit a 1 day type course.

Equipped with highly qualified and experienced instructors, SkyMedia Training is your best choice to help you acquire a UAV Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), whether you plan to fly commercially, or just want to hone your skills.

This course will ensure you leave fully versed in the intricacies of commercial drone operations. We use our experience and professionalism to make the course a rewarding and educationally fun. With our vast commercial experience in the aviation industry, we can set you on the right path for a rewarding career in the UAV / drone industry. If it is in aerial photography, mining, surveying or asset inspection we can assit you in getting licenced.

Our experienced staff will help you to make sure your desire of obtaining a UAV Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) is successful by guiding you through the following:

  • Aircraft radio operators certificate of proficiency (AROCOP)
  • English Proficiency Exam
  • Practical Flying Exam
  • Written Exam

When you complete your five days course, you will be issued a UAV Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) by CASA, which permits you to operate commercially under a ReOC (Unmanned Operator Certificate).

The Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) provides an opportunity to those who don’t have any experience in aviation industry to come away at the end of the week with the knowledge to be able to operate within the manned airspace safely.

  • Course Syllabus

  1. Principles of Flight
  2. Navigation
  3. Meteorology
  4. Law
  5. Radiotelephony
  6. Human Factors
  7. Threat and Error Management (TEM)
  8. Batteries
  9. RPAS Knowledge
  10. Flight Planning
  • What’s included in the course

Our unique partnership with Warnervale Airport means our UAV Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) course is like no other offered in Australia. We offers all students:

  • Five days classroom course lead by highly experienced pilots, at our Airport site.
  • Practical flying and comprehensive theory.
  • Flight planning ( JSA, Risk Assessments & Maintenance logs)
  • Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC) with English proficiency exams included – all on site
  • Theory book, charts and publication-supplied.
  • Training UAV aircrafts available for all students (or bring your own)
  • 40 minutes trial introductory flight in one of our Cessna.
  • Discounted drone & accessory packs available to students
  • Accommodation packages available
  • Catered lunch supplied, including morning and afternoon tea
  • Discounts available for all students wishing to go on to learn to fly fixed wing (full size) aircraft with Central Coast Aero Club
  • Course Outcome

Upon the completion of the 5 day course you will receive a UAV Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) which allows you to operate commercially under a ReOC, This certificate is issued by CASA.

  • Requirements

There are no pre requisites for this course. We do recommend you have your ARN (Aviation Reference Number) before attending the course as we can’t process your Remote Pilot Certificate until you have one. You can read more about a ARN here and download the form.

  • Pricing

Our UAV Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) starts at $2,995. Find out more and book now.

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