UAV Drone Insurance

Like most industries today you require insurance. There are a few companies available now that offer UAV drone insurance for both public liability and hull insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Most policies offer public liability insurance ranging from 5m through to 20m cover. When working for larger organisations they usually require you to hold a minimum of 20m cover, so when looking at purchasing a policy take into account what sort of jobs you will be undertaking.

Cost for public liability insurance is in the price range of about $1000-2000.

Hull Insurance

UAV Drone Insurance crash drone

Hull insurance covers for the loss of or damage to UAVs and equipment.

  • Cover available for different makes/models/values of UAVs
  • Cover available for all equipment used in conjunction with UAVs (cameras etc.)
  • Cover applies in whilst in flight, on the ground and in transit.

UAV Insurance Companies

A couple of the bigger players in the industry are:-

SkyMedia Training has no financial or affiliate connections with either insurance party.