UAV Operator Certificate (ReOC)

hello UAV Operator Certificate (ReOC)

Anyone wishing to fly a UAV commercially in Australia requires a UAV Operator Certificate (ReOC). All pilots must hold a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Certificate to fly a drone commercially – and can only do so for a company holding a UAV Operator Certificate ReOC.

SkyMedia Training can now help with the paperwork and approval process in house. This process means you can have your ReOC approved within a fortnight.DJI Inspire Pro SkyMedia Training UAV Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Training School UAV Operators Certificate (ReOC)

We don’t just train pilots, we also operate commercially. This gives us the unique ability to train you, and set you up on your journey in the commercial UAV industry.

We ensure you meet the requirements of CASA and ensure you don’t miss any relevant information in your application that can slow down the process, or even lead to the rejection of the issuance of the UAV Operator Certificate to your company. This process has been heavily simplified in recent months by CASA and you can find the necessary files by visiting the RPAS section on CASA website here and download the relevant files.

ReOC Requirements :-

Here are some of the requirements a company will need to obtain a UAV Operator Certificate:

  • Operation manual
  • The RPAS library
  • Aircraft Manuals
  • Application forms

The Operation Manual is formatted so the applicant just needs to provide details of their proposed UAV operations. The manual has guidance directing you to where certain information is needed in the form from you.

ReOC Application:-

You submit your application with the completed operation manual and supporting information which will be explaining the following:

  • How you will operate your UAV business.
  • How you will maintain the rules and regulations.
  • How you are going to assess and manage risk in your area of operation.
  • How you are going to administer your staff.
  • Your drug and alcohol management plan.
  • How you are going to maintain procedures.
  • How you will keep records.

At SkyMedia Training, we can help guide you through this complex process.

We assist out students in the presentation of all the documents they are required to present to make an application to CASA.